Tuesday, October 25, 2016


How many months again since the last time i updated this blog? The last post was on may i think? its freaking october now. i swear so many things happened in my life. there were times i cant even take control of my life anymore and i'll just let things be and go with the flows. 

on the bright side, i met new people! im currently 19 and doing my degree in second semester for the first year. it feels like im moving so fast and i dont think im ready yet for the next level of anything? im nine-teen. still a teen. and the fact that im no longer a teen next year scares the shit out of me. 

im doing fine in whatever things im doing. Alhamdulillah, getting better in handling stuffs everyday. i learned on how to swallow hard realities and faced the very bad sequences that ive made when i chose something bad as a so-called-experiment. as much as i wanna try something new, im still scared for doing those things ? lol been living with "play-safe" method for 18 years, what are the things that i could atleast expected. Daaa?

well, i guess those are the updates that i can tell for the time being. It feels so good to come back here again and type it out loud again. Till then , x.

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