Saturday, January 16, 2016


i tweeted something about love. well probably because im watching a love drama. 

when you see so much of someone, which is their bad side and their good side and you choose to stay instead of throwing away that feeling and leave, i guess thats what true love is. because nowadays people tend to walk away when they see half of someone's bad side. seeing too much is not a problem, to swallow everything up and hit the reality. thats where the sucky situation come.

Winston Churchill said that immature love says i love you because i need you. however mature love says i need you because i love you. get meee? like you know the differences kan. love is not about giving up when you see their bad side. its about protecting yours and embrace their bad side. if the other party can deal with your bad side why not you try to deal with it too? you know when you have so much to say but you just dont know how to let everything out into words, yeah im in that kind of situation. 

and i do realised that love can end. aaaand that sucks big time. hoping that you and people around me will actually stay beside me when they see my bad sides. such bad side that everyone knows and can be pointed out from myself is im revengeful and egoistic ( ha elok. join the dark side ) . i always have this if you wanna play the game that way, i can do that too. two can play this game. and its bad. bad for your health and self. and im deeply sorry for my actions that might actually have hurt you intended or not. 

p/s: i will eventually stop caring and trying when you stop showing me actions . if im important and you want me in your life then show it to me. if im not then i'll stop trying. i'll look pathetic trying  to win this game all alone. 

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