Friday, April 17, 2015


"but we do regret for some of the things that we've did. so madam, why is it?"

"you shouldnt. those things that youve did was because of the things that you really want to know. Those things that youve did was because of curiosity and really want to know how they'll act when you do things to them. what are their expressions.... or youre just too lazy. as an example, youre too lazy to study so you didnt get good results. you regret for not studying kan? thats human nature. so dont regret for those things that youve did farihah. look forward on things that you never do. work smart and hard on things that you want so that there wont have anything for you to regret anymore"

thats what ive learned so far. i should never regret on things that ever happened in my life. you know, some people will say this "screw my ex-es" but one thing. they do give you happiness. so why not? stay as a friend eventho at first it will be like god dammit so awkward. you guys will do good from time to time. forgive but not forget. i can forgive you easily but i wont forget those shits that youve made. c'mon? just because of hair chalk you wanna have a fight with me? seriously? babe? dont grow as an immature. you want me to treat you as an adult, so please act as one. okay? 

my test was good. i bet everyone knows that i really love to write. wait , who doesnt kan? writing is love kot. i get 78/100 for my English test and I get B2 for the essay . I know its bad, but atleast ive tried. i get 16/20 for my business quiz and 3.5 for my Maths ! yeaps im dat happy. Alhamdulillah. 

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