Friday, March 20, 2015


As some of us knew, Ive continued my studies in IUMW. I really miss typing on this keyboard. telling things about my life here. i only have time for myself on Thursday night till Sunday morning. Tu pun spending my days with my family. Believe me, eventho i always join silat's event and wont stick around with my parents, it feels right and its just okay. i get this one kind of feeling where i really miss my parents when im in UM. usually at night lah, i'll feel like those kind of shitty emotions where i feel like crying, hugging ibu babah and wanting to kiss them. yeah. i know. manja gila cam lek ah orang lain pun masuk college gak. 

things that i slightly learned is;

- there'll be no more people pushing you and be bossy saying that you need to study cuz its for your future. its like 100% on your own and if you would like to do vice versa or anything, its on your own risk. you know how im still new to this kind of things because i never really have those asrama kind of thinggy. oh! and i just had my assessment yesterday ( 19/3 ) for basic business. i was blur as fuck but i manage to answer it tho . ( thanks to wei lik tho for explaining things ! ) yeah he's a classmate. yup chinese.Met Syaurah here and MAGOD . dem the first impression was priceless. ive texted 4 Mafias ( whatsapp actually ) and they said our string of fate cant be cut. stupid bisfins.

- money. i bet like some of us really know on how i'll spend my money recklessly. im such a big spender. and yeah i have that "im hungry" at 12AM and cam SHEYT what do i need to eat since im not at my house anymore. I have to manage my own money kot ( which im like really bad at it and yeah so cam urgh ) but guess whos learning ? yup me :) i rarely eat lunch at cafeteria. sometimes i'll only eat for breakfast ( which is roti dekat bilik. yeah no more those nasi goreng, nasi lemak with ayam yang ibu selalu beli tu ) dinner and so kind of supper.

- Oh! i live at RU (rumah university) . its inside University of Malaya. and yeah i studied at IUMW which is at Jalan Sultan Ismail. Its pretty far from the destinations. 30 minutes plus minus. Need to wake up early, wait for the bus, then take LRT, change to KTM and go to Putra station. Kalau terbangun lambat as in 730, then carpool dengan Zhariff lah. And things. Need to take care all by myself (eventho i can really just leave my wallet here and there since dekat rumah ni ibu babah akan jaga. ) . i cant do those things anymore.

- im a picky prick. if you guys know me that long, maybe you guys will know that i wont eat sambal belacan, durian, tempoyak, all those ulams and i choose what i'll eat okay. i dont know the real definition of "licin gila ayam" cuz there'll be isi sana sini . jenis makan tak habis . hoping that dah start college life ni, i can finally lose weight sikit lah. even for few kilos since i gained weight for like 4/5/6 sebab duduk rumah makan tidur makan tidur. tapiiiiii, i dont have any classes on Friday till Sunday. So balik rumah still makan sedap. Yeah, my life people.

- and as for adilah norsham. Thank you for the "sadness cure redeem" ! i'll use it well. Eventho that silat thinggy doesnt really ada kena mengena with my sadness, but its okaaaaaay! i still love it tho! and yeah my eyes was teary on that day :p Not to forget, to the one fat chinese boy (emoji febeles lahv) youve been there for me since day 1 im in college! hekhek. that night where im like that devastated and excited but you calmed me down and tell me that everything will be just fine. yaaas! thanks bruuh. fat boy , i hope you'll get someone better soon :) as a friend of yours, your happiness is mine too. love you :* ( i guess, i need to make my feels straight. i used to love you. not anymore )

if you are like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? WHERE IS IUMW" here you go ;


toodles ! mwahx .

- Fari 

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  1. Hi there ! I’m Aqilah,sorry to bother you but I stumble across your blog and found out that you’re a student at IUMW and was wondering if its possible for you to give me a few feedbacks regarding IUMW since I’m planning to further my studies there in Foundation in Arts.Right now I’m quite hesitant to pursue my studies since there has been a lot of rumour going on such as it being closing down due to no profit from the project and so on.It will be really helpful if you can give me a few reviews and feedbacks regarding the academic life there at IUMW so that I can make my decisions clearly and not regret it after :).Thank you.