Thursday, March 5, 2015


you know ive been attending language classes. half of my classmates are koreans. its just fascinating! i get to hear them to talk in their language ((as if im watching dramas)) and talks about idols too! weve talked about Lee Jinki , Yong Junhyung (babyboo ❤️) and G Dragon. 

Jinseol is gonna be a flight attendant. She helps me alot! Eventho I didn't take Koreans classes, but they still teach me a few things . hekhek. Oh! Ive met Eunha's son! He is like super duper cute and he have dimples and he wears braces and he's 19! you know how much i love braceface guys and those dimples (it reminds me of Yixing!) its fun . i mean its way too fun. 

whats passed is passed. let bygones be bygones. move forward and start searching for something else. toodles lovelies. i love you 😘 <-- its an emoji. the one that kisses you with love. since kalau bukak thru computer you can only see a box. 

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