Tuesday, December 9, 2014


reviews for the day:

- there can be breakup when meeting someone and when there's breakup, you can meet someone else. cheer up my friend, your day will shine sooner or later. one month after breaking up makes you reflect yourself. you date the wrong guy to meet the right guy. dont stop trying. im all ears if you need me. you know how to find me. xx

- perception towards others who really loves to judge. stop finding someone's flaw. are you that perfect to point out some random people's flaw? pray for her, tell her in person and dont embarrass her infront of everyone. kan Islam ajar untuk tegur secara berhemah. im just saying. so please, no hard feelings. 

- sad. maybe its just me but you suit better with her. i like you as in i like like you. not that i love you. yes, i loved you. lets be friends and not make things awkward between us again. this distance between us is what i really need. stay long and together. it just dont feel right anymore whenever i try to be cool with you. stop flirting with me. you'll be my favorite memories in high school. 

- im a sinner. so do you. so , its our job to always remind each other to stop doing sins and start  to a better muslim. lets remind each other more often so both of us will turn to a better muslim. we both can be a good muslim. instead of using sarcasm, lets use better words so we both know that the things that we did is wrong. what say you?

- member silat are like the other part of my life. i can tell syasya everything. she's a sweetheart. she'll be there whenever you need her. she's a hugger. her hugs is the best. hehe. eventhough all of us arent biologically related, i hope we'll stay together as one. lets make our 2015's dream come true. 

- i miss my partner in crime , my other half, my bae. eventhough we rarely talk to each other now, you'll always stay as my forever that one best friend. hoping that this friendship will stay forever till forever till forever. need to have a catch up session with you. was depressed not to have you by my side for 2 years. see you soon :)

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