Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Adilah Norsham

Hello D!

I wanted to be the last person that wishes you today, this yeaar! Sooooo! Happy Birthday Adilah Norsham. A year older and a year better. I hope your dreams and wishes come true and may this be your best year ever . I mean, its your first day of being 20! I know adulting is hard, but lets do it together and make it memorable. So i can tell my kids, that i grew up with a very lovely best friend that have my back for 24/7! 

May Allah ease you everything in your life and provide you a bunch of happiness that you want because gurl you deserve it. I know that we've not been contacting each other that often, but do know that I'm always here to listen to you. I might not provide you the sweetest birthday wish, but this whole thing is the most sincere thing that come from my heart. 

As for a guy, we dont need no man for the time being! We can do our own things. We are such an independent and strong ladies. May you succeed in your studies and I want you to know that I, personally wish that your future will be as bright as you want it to be. May He lead you to a greater path in life and you with lovely people around you. 

Thank you for being such an understanding friend and love me for who I am. You are such a lovely woman and stay that way okay *not a teen anymore* You listen to people well, you give good advises and you know how to take care of people.These traits are the reason why youre special and different from other people. Sooo! Keep it that way and dont ever change it! 

Love you with all of my heart, 
Nurul Farihah Adilah . 
(the one that always nangis sebab ntahpape) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


How many months again since the last time i updated this blog? The last post was on may i think? its freaking october now. i swear so many things happened in my life. there were times i cant even take control of my life anymore and i'll just let things be and go with the flows. 

on the bright side, i met new people! im currently 19 and doing my degree in second semester for the first year. it feels like im moving so fast and i dont think im ready yet for the next level of anything? im nine-teen. still a teen. and the fact that im no longer a teen next year scares the shit out of me. 

im doing fine in whatever things im doing. Alhamdulillah, getting better in handling stuffs everyday. i learned on how to swallow hard realities and faced the very bad sequences that ive made when i chose something bad as a so-called-experiment. as much as i wanna try something new, im still scared for doing those things ? lol been living with "play-safe" method for 18 years, what are the things that i could atleast expected. Daaa?

well, i guess those are the updates that i can tell for the time being. It feels so good to come back here again and type it out loud again. Till then , x.